How to Take my Junk in Dubai UAE

In the last few years, conscious efforts have been made to achieve a more sustainable life model. Many methods have been modified due to growing concern about climate change and environmental degradation. The good news is that you can make a difference in the environment whether you’re at home, on the go or in the office. Take My Junk is the UAE’s first and largest free waste collection company, redefining the concept of ‘going green’.

All about taking out my trash
While the world is focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling, it is important to understand that not all waste disposal methods are environmentally friendly. But if you live in the UAE and are in dire need of de-cluttering, there’s a quick and easy solution at your doorstep.

Take My Junk is an initiative that collects waste from homes, hospitals, malls, schools and businesses in the UAE. The company has been offering this free service to residents for over 12 years now. After winning several awards for its services in North America, Take My Junk has made a name for itself in the UAE with its consistently excellent service.

With 30+ pickup trucks spread across the country, the expert team can collect a wide variety of residential and commercial waste. From the initial phone call/form submission to recycling or environmentally friendly disposal, the entire process is seamless.

The company works with some of the top brands, including Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Rotana, Atlantis – The Palm, Fairmount Hotels, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Nakheel, MAR, Diyar, Provos, Amazon, Facebook, Google, CNN, British Airways included. , IBM and Cream.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taking My Junk UAE
What are my junk costs?
Take My Junk is a free service.

How does ‘Take My Junk UAE’ work?
A four-step process:

If you have some junk that needs to be removed, you can visit their official website to submit the form. You will be asked to provide your mobile number, address, date of collection and photos of the items that need to be collected. Another option is to call our team at 800-5865.
If you have chosen to submit the form through the official Tech My Junk website, you will receive a call from the Tech My Junk team for confirmation.Take my Junk Dubai
On the day of collection, the pick-up team will call you 10 to 15 minutes before arriving for collection.
Once on site, the team will remove the requested items according to your submission.
What type of waste is collected?
The company collects both residential and commercial waste.

Common household waste items include:

  • Water tanks
  • Water heaters
  • Toys (soft and hard)
  • Television
  • Shoes – Women, Men and Kids
  • Scrap metals
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Pool tables
  • Piano
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Linen towels, pillows etc.
  • Kitchenware
  • Intex swimming pool
  • hot tub
  • Home and garden furniture
  • Glass doors
  • Gazebos and trampolines
  • Furniture
  • Exercise equipment
  • Electronics (e-waste)
  • Unused construction waste
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Car seats
  • Cables
  • Books
  • Bicycles
  • Bags and luggage
  • Appliances – White goods
  • All kinds of clothes
  • Stationary
  • Printers, scanners and copiers
  • Papers
  • Office tiles
  • Office furniture
  • Monitors and displays
  • Construction materials left over from fit-outs
  • Industrial cables
  • The frame
  • Computers and notebooks
  • the curtain

Take My Junk also collects these items from hotels in the UAE:

  • Wooden hangers
  • Alcohol inhibitors
  • Wine glasses
  • Window glass
  • Water pressure machines.
  • pot
  • Unused toilets
  • Toasters
  • Telephone
  • Table lamp
  • STB box and wires.
  • standing lamp
  • Soap dish glasses
  • Safe boxes
  • A mess of a room
  • Room boxes
  • Plastic tumblers
  • Paddle boxes
  • Office desk
  • The mattress
  • Linen
  • Knife blocks
  • Kitchen items
  • Kettles
  • Ironing boards
  • iron
  • Pan
  • Fish bowls.
  • F & B tables
  • the bed
  • Duvet covers
  • Food plates.
  • Bad vacuum
  • Cutting boards
  • the curtains
  • Closet
  • Colanders
  • Coffee mugs/soup bowls.
  • Cooking utensils
  • Clothes racks
  • Chemical dispenser
  • Chairs
  • the curtain
  • The blanket
  • Bed side table
  • Bed sheet
  • Bathroom glass top scale
  • Is there a prohibited list of items?
  • Yes, the Service does not collect:
  • Wine, wine, beer
  • Single or broken glass
  • Handgun/weapon
  • Grass, trees, branches, landscape waste
  • General garbage and waste
  • Gas cylinder
  • Very damaged / broken furniture

Do I need to pack for pickup?
The team brings with them tape, necessary tools, bags and rolls of plastic. However, if there are fragile items, you can pack them in a box to save time before the team arrives. It will also help if the items are placed at the door.

What happens to waste?
The goal of this service is to reduce the amount going to landfills. All collected items are sorted. Some may only need minor repairs before they can be used again. Such items are either sold at a reduced price to the needy or donated to charities. Other products may require disposal and recycling. The company has a 110,000 square feet facility in Ajman where the process takes place under expert supervision.

How do I contact the Take My Junk team?
Take my junk contact number.

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